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What is the Difference Between Concrete and Cement?


The main difference between concrete and cement is that cement is the key ingredient used in concrete. Concreters mix it with water and aggregate to create the final product: concrete. When cement is combined with water, it will form a paste that will harden over time by way of a chemical process known as hydration. […]

Is Coloured Concrete Worth It?


Yes, coloured concrete is worth it. People who want their properties to be more visually interesting and aesthetically appealing can invest in coloured concrete. If you have a particularly large driveway or concrete patio, you might want to make its design unique by giving it some colour. There are also many concreters in Ballarat who […]

What is Stencilled Concrete?


Stencilled concrete is a type of concrete design wherein unique patterns are applied on the concrete surfaces. They are often used on sidewalks, patios, and driveways. Concreters achieve this by putting a stencil on wet concrete and then applying a textured or coloured overlay on top. Upon removing the stencil, they then reveal a distinct […]

What is a Crossover?

crossover and concrete driveway Ballarat installed by our team of concreters Ballarat

A crossover is an area that connects an accessway or driveway of a property to the road. It allows vehicles to safely cross over the kerb and onto the street. Also known as a vehicle crossing, a crossover is typically made of concrete. It is designed to be low-maintenance and durable. These concrete crossovers can […]

What Are Pave-Cut Concrete Driveways?

Ballarat Pro Concreters pouring a slab in Wendouree

Pave-cut concrete driveways are where the look of a paved driveway is achieved by cuts using a concrete saw. Concreters create shallow cuts on the surface of the concrete generally in either square or rectangle patterns.  The technique used in pave-cut concrete allows users to copy the look of natural brick or stone while helping […]

Tips for a Crack-Free Concrete Driveway

What are tips for a crack-free concrete driveway

The best tips for a crack-free concrete driveway are having a stable base, dampening the base so it compacts well, using sufficient steel reinforcement, and ensuring formwork are straight and secure. Following these tips can increase the probability that your new driveway will last many years. However, it’s important to keep in mind that cracks […]

How Do You Lay a Concrete Driveway?

What are the steps in laying a concrete driveway

To lay a concrete driveway, you’ll need to prepare the site, install any necessary formwork, pour and screed the concrete, and allow it to cure for at least 24 hours. These steps in laying a concrete driveway will require professional expertise and the right tools to complete successfully. Hiring expert concreters in Ballarat is highly […]

Does a Concrete Driveway Need Rebar?

What does the rebar do to a concrete driveway

Yes, a concrete driveway needs rebar, or steel, to provide strength to the slab. Adding rebar provides extra strength and support to the surface so it can handle large vehicles and equipment. Driveways located in places where the soil is constantly moving may also benefit from using rebar. Adding such reinforcement can keep the concrete […]

How Long Does a Concrete Driveway Last?

How many years can a concrete driveway last

A concrete driveway can last between 20 to 30 years. How well it was installed and maintained are the primary factors that affect its lifespan. Sealing, patching, and cleaning the concrete surface regularly all add up. However, there are also factors that affect its longevity. These include improper installation, poor drainage, and heavy use. A […]

Is a Concrete Driveway a Good Idea?

Is it a good idea to install a concrete driveway

Yes, installing a concrete driveway is a good idea. The main reasons for choosing this type of material are because of its durability and strength. It also lasts for many years and requires minimal maintenance once installed. Many homeowners in Ballarat hire concreters to build their driveway because they’ve learned it can outlast most materials […]