House Slabs Ballarat

House Slabs Ballarat

A sturdy, well-constructed house slab is the basis of a house that will stand strong for many years to come. Ballarat Pro Concreters have many years of experience in this field, assuring homeowners in Lake Gardens, Golden Point, Buninyong and other suburbs in Ballarat of long years of stress-free living. In addition to being durable and hard wearing, our house slabs are built to provide optimum insulation to inhabitants. This is the standard of residential concreting Ballarat homeowners expect, and should get.

Types of Concrete Slabs

There are a number of options available to property owners when it comes to residential concrete slab installation. Your choice will be dictated by your budget and the type of soil in your region among other factors. 

Waffle Pod Slabs:

If your construction is to be done in an area with reactive soil, we will likely use waffle pod slabs. are built above the ground and are used in areas with a lot of reactive soil so as to ensure the construction does not rest on unstable soil. The construction instead rests on steel-reinforced slabs that sit on polystyrene pods that are installed in such a way as to provide a level surface.

Retaining Walls:

This is another type of above-surface slab construction but we ordinarily employ this option during constructions in sloping areas. Retaining walls are effective at holding up soil in such areas to keep it from eroding and compromising the strength of the foundation.

Raft Slabs:

The most popular types of slabs are raft slabs as they can be used for practically any purpose. These are the slabs we, as a leading concreter Ballarat homeowners and contractors trust, use for concreting most new residential constructions. Steel-reinforced concrete beams are planted into the ground to support a steel-reinforced concrete slab. A raft slab is simple to install and offers a good deal of support because of the beams that go some depth into the ground. For this reason, we recommend this method for new buildings or extensions. 

Strip Footings:

Concrete footings are used to transfer the weight of the building to the ground. We install them in residential construction projects to keep the building’s foundation from settling. We also use footings when laying concrete decking for homes.

Basements: If you would like to eke out some extra living or storage space from your foundation, we can construct a basement either by concrete pouring or using a concrete block. We will be happy to bring your innovative space usage ideas to life using tried and tested construction methods and the best quality materials.

Concrete Slab Repair and Maintenance

Have you noticed cracks in your building’s slab? We can help with that too. Reach out to us for the top-notch concrete services Ballarat homeowners love and trust.  We will be happy to visit, assess the cause and extent of the damage and recommend a solution that will fix the problem for good. Using shotcreting and other procedures, we will restore the stability of your slab and prevent further damage. 

Nipping such signs of damage in the bud will help you save on major repair works in the future. And with how affordable our concreting services are, it will be a double saving for you. 

End-to-end Service

Besides quality construction from experienced hands, you can expect us to assist with getting all the required approvals from Ballarat construction authorities for all our concrete services. We also coordinate with the necessary professionals to make sure the laying of house slabs does not interfere with plumbing, electrical wiring or any of the amenities in your home.

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