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Your driveway offers you an excellent opportunity to extend the elegance and charm of your house into your front yard. It is one of the first features visitors will see as they approach your residence, so it’s important to style it well. And since it will be bearing the weight of all the vehicles driving in and out, it needs to be well constructed with the right materials.

While it’s possible to lay your driveway with gravel, pavers and asphalt among other materials, few of them offer the styling options and cost benefits that concrete does. Pavers offer great aesthetics and can be durable, but they tend to be quite costly. Gravel, on the other hand, is a cheap solution, but doesn’t do well in terms of looks and longevity. Concrete is affordable and offers a range of options in terms of finishing. A stamped concrete driveway can be styled to look like pavers, for instance. You can opt for a coloured concrete driveway that matches the theme of your house 

Concrete can also be laid down faster than a number of these other options, allowing you to enjoy your beautiful new driveway without having to wait too long. Yet it will still guarantee you the length of service a brick or paved driveway will. 

If you’re intent on increasing your property’s curb appeal, an exposed aggregate driveway is a great choice. Ballarat Pro Concreters lay down exposed aggregate driveways as well.

Driveway Drainage

Besides the durability and cost of your chosen driveway construction material, you have to look at how it drains. During winter in Ballarat concrete driveways can be exposed to up to 75mm of rainfall, so dealing properly with precipitation is something you’ll need to be keen about. Since concrete is a non-porous material, your concrete driveway needs to be built in such a way as to direct water away from itself. 

If this drainage is not done well, your driveway will flood, posing a challenge to those driving or walking into your home. More critically, the integrity and durability of the concrete will be compromised over time. Call the concreters Ballarat residents rely on when it comes to your driveway.

Available Space and Driveway usage

Another consideration that needs to be factored into the design of your driveway is the amount of space you have. A curved driveway can give your compound an added feeling of depth and character as compared to a straight one. But if you have limited space, you may be forced to settle for a straight one. 

If you intend to use your driveway for parking, you will want to make it a little wider to accommodate at least two cars. If your house is situated on the side of one of Ballarat’s busy roads, you could consider giving your driveway concreting a circular shape so that your guests will have an easier time driving out. However, such a solution is better suited to larger properties as it can take up quite a bit of space.  

With years of concrete driveway construction under our belt, we are the concreter Ballarat residents can rely on to design and build a driveway that will deal well with rainwater. Besides catering to the drainage, we help our customers create concrete finishes that best compliment their surroundings. We are behind some of the most visually appealing concrete driveways Ballarat is adorned with.  

After conducting an inspection of your property, we will advise you on the right size and shape of driveway to suit it. 

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