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Polished Perfection. Laser levelled Concrete

One of the most popular floorings among residential owners in Ballarat is polished concrete. The flooring solution is known for its versatility and hard wearing characteristics. More and more architects and interior designers are picking polished concrete for their aesthetic appeal along with their durability.

If you are looking for concrete floors that are scratch-resistant, grout-free and low maintenance, trust Ballarat Pro Concreters to provide you with polished concrete floors that stand the test of time. We offer several types of polished concrete floors for our clients to choose from. Whether it is glossy, less glossy, exposed, or unexposed aggregate, we can help you pick the most appropriate type of concrete floor for your home.

For best-class and superior results, we are the master-of-the art. We are Ballarat polished concrete experts and pride ourselves in offering quality service with attention to detail. We can transform your concrete floor into a designer floor using the most innovative machinery and concrete polishing methods. 

Top Reasons Why Our Clients Choose Our Polished Concrete Services

We have a wide range of polished concrete flooring options for homeowners. The experience and skills of our concreters Ballarat has meant that we have delivered stunning results with the best finishes every time.  


Even before we commence work, our experts will schedule an appointment at the job site. It will allow us to discuss your needs and expectations. This meeting allows us to ensure the flooring job is done right, and we create floors that you want. 

Quality Control

Every job is performed as discussed in the meetings, and each step is completed to the finest quality. Our concreters check the quality at each stage of the work that allows us to provide you with the highest quality polished concrete in the end.  

No Sub-Contractor

Our concrete Ballarat experts provide total flooring solutions without delegating them to sub-contractors. Our team is trained in different fields and work together to provide you with the best quality work by adhering to the strictest quality control. 


Using the best products in the market and the latest machinery, we create the most durable polished concrete floors possible within your set budget. Our extended warranty ensures your floors last you many years without the need for professional cleaning.  

Ongoing Support

Our experts will provide you with the best polished concrete flooring for you depending on your lifestyle and that suits the aesthetics of your space. We also help you get the most of your floorings by ensuring regular upkeep.  

Get Top-Notch Polished Concrete Ballarat Solutions

Whether you are renovating your existing house or building a new home, polished concrete floors are suitable for all. Ballarat Pro Concreters offer all-around solutions in terms of polished concrete floors to suit your needs and your budget. When you hire us, you can relax when our skilled professionals arrive at your site with everything needed to deliver a polished concrete floor in Ballarat. 

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If polished concrete feels like the right solution for your space, give us a call today to get a free estimate!