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What is a Crossover?

A crossover is an area that connects an accessway or driveway of a property to the road. It allows vehicles to safely cross over the kerb and onto the street. Also known as a vehicle crossing, a crossover is typically made of concrete. It is designed to be low-maintenance and durable.

These concrete crossovers can be coloured or stamped to match a property’s existing design. They can also be enhanced with decorative elements like bricks, pavers, or cobblestones to give them an even more unique look.

It’s best to consult an expert when planning a concrete crossover. These specialists will ensure that you meet all of the necessary specifications before beginning the project.

This post will discuss the most common questions about installing crossovers in Ballarat properties.

Is a Crossover and Accessway the Same?

No, a crossover and an accessway aren’t the same. A crossover is a path that connects an accessway to the main road. On the other hand, an accessway is an area that provides access to a specific part of a property. An accessway can also be a driveway.

Accessways can be made of various materials, such as concrete, gravel, and asphalt. They can be used to allow cars, bicycles, or even pedestrians to pass through.

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Can I Add or Change an Existing Crossover?

Yes, you can add or change an existing crossover on your property. However, according to section 63 (1) of the Road Management Act, homeowners must obtain written consent from the coordinating road authority.

Any work that will be done on a road corridor will generally require permission from the road manager. For crossovers, it’s The Department of Transport that will handle such cases.

Do I Need a Permit to Build a Crossover in Ballarat?

Yes, you’ll need to get a permit to build a concrete crossover on your property. You can apply at the City of Ballarat eServices website or do so at their Customer Service Centre.

A plan of the position for your proposed crossover is needed when forwarding your application. You should also avoid touching all public services, such as water, sewer, and gas, when constructing your concrete structure.

As for the cost, you can expect to pay $120 for the permit fee once you submit your application.

How Does the Government Assess Applications for New Access?

The Department of Transport assesses new access applications by considering the following factors:

  • The way vehicles enter and exit the government road
  • The location, width, angle, and line of sight of the proposed crossover
  • The types of traffic and vehicles that will be using it
  • Status of the current road conditions in the area

One thing to keep in mind is that The Department of Transport may put up conditions on a planning permit. This is to ensure that the arterial road network will continue to operate efficiently and safely after constructing a crossover.Have you ever wondered, “What are pave-cut concrete driveways?” If so, read our blog today to learn about this type of driveway.